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Guardians of Asgaard currently recruiting all classes.
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Welcome to Guardians of Asgaard website currently under development and will be up and running soon
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Guild rules

Yshara, Oct 8, 11 3:14 PM.
Fail 1: Warning Fail 2: KICK!(If any member notice that someone breaks any rule please report to an Officer or the Guild Master!)

- Respect higher ranking members. They have proven themselves to be reliable and worthy of their rank. 

- As you advance in rank within the guild you will have more and more responsibility, you are allowed to refuse a promotion at any time but if you accept the position you will have to accept the responsibilities that come with it.

- Alts are allowed in the guild but will not be allowed in a Dungeon/Raid unless approved beforehand (This rule only applies to raids/dungeons where your main character is also in that same raid/dungeon). If approved, the alt will have to be fair with loot. (Main characters have priority over alts). Alts cannot be promoted to officer ranks.

- As a members in Guardians Of Asgaard you must have your main in the guild!

- You will have to be online at least once per week. If you are not able to do this please speak to an Officer. If you do not notify the leadership of your absence ahead of time you risk being removed from the guild.

Guild Vault Policies: Failure to follow these policies will lead to a warning, if you continue to break the policy you will get kicked

DO NOT take any items from the vault that you cannot use within 2 levels.
DO NOT take items from the vault to sell.
DO NOT take items from the vault for any other character especially characters not in the guild.
DO NOT take items from the guild vault unless you can contribute/replace the items you take or have the permission from a GM or Officer.

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